Fully Auto PET Blow Molding Machine

Product: Full Auto PET Blow Molding Machine, Max 10L
Model: GS-B600, GS-B1500, GS-B5000, GS-B10000
Shipment Port: Shanghai, China
Delivery time: 1 month
Payment Type: T/T or L/C
Certificates: CE
Export Markets: Worldwide

Full-automatic pet stretch blow molding machine is the most stable two-step automatic stretch blow molding machine. It has one to six cavities and the maximum capacity of the products is 0.6L,2.0L,5L and 10L. It can blow bottles in shapes: carbonated, mineral, pesticide, cosmetics, wide-mouth, hot filling, and other packing containers, which is made of plastic of crystalline type, such as PET and PP etc.

a).PLC color display: OMRON(JAPAN)
b).Pneumatic parts:FESTO(GERMANY)
c).Controller of preform transfer:Servo motor DELTA(TAIWAN)

CONTAINERNumber of cavity2 cavities4 cavities2 cavities
Max.neck diameter38mm38mm45-80mm
Max.container diameter65mm105mm180mm
Max.container height230mm300-330mm350mm
ELECTRICAL SYSTEMNumber of lamp21pcs60pcs36pcs
Max.heating power21kw60kw36kw
Installation power24kw65kw60kw
Actual power consumption14kw40kw22kw
AIR SYSTEMOperation pressure7-9kg/cm27-9kg/cm27-9kg/cm2
Low pressure consuming1000Ltr/min2000Ltr/min1600Ltr/min
Blowing pressure25-35kg/cm225-35kg/cm225-35kg/cm2
High pressure consuming1500-2000 Ltr/min3000-3500 L/min2600-3000 Ltr/min
CHILLER WATEROperating pressure5-6 kg/cm25-6 kg/cm25-6 kg/cm2
Consuming5600kcal/hr19000 kcal/hr4600kcal/hr
Flow rater30Ltr/min45Ltr/min30Ltr/min
MACHINEMachine dimension2.3×1.5×1.7(m)4.7×2.1×2.1(m)4.3×2.1×2.1(m)
Machine weight1.8ton4.1ton4.0ton
d).Other electric parts are all world-famous brand