Injection Blow Molding Machine

Product: Injection Blow Molding Machine
Model: GS-30, GS-50, GS-50S, GS-60
Shipment Port: Shanghai, China
Delivery time: 1 month
Payment Type: T/T or L/C
Certificates: CE
Export Markets: Worldwide

● Adopt Electro-Hydrauliec Hybrid Servo System Can Save 40% power than usual.
● Adopt three-cylinder to lock the mold with the replenishing valve,can make the high and short cycle products.
● Apply the double vertical pole and single horizontal beam to make enough rotation space,longer bottles,make the mold installation easy and simple.
● Adopt electrical rotation system for client option, rotation speed and precision can be controlling.

SpecificationUnit G-30G-30SG-50G-50SG-60
Screw diametermm4040555555
Screw L/D ratio2222222222
Injection capacity(PE)g165165300300400
Max theoretical injection pressureMpa175175170170170
Hydraulic system pressureMpa1414141414
Idle cycle timeS33444.5
Clamping force of Injection moldKN300300550550650
Clamping force of blowing moldKN5555150150160
Mold opening strokemm120120120120120
Ejection strokemm200200200200220
Rotary table lifting strokemm6060606060
Mold min thicknessmm180180240240280
Mold sizemm420 x 300420 x 300580 X 390580 X 390780 x 390
Max Height of Productmm200200200200235
Max Dimension of productmm100100100100100
Volume Range of productml≤800≤800≤1000≤1000≤1200
Heating zoneQty33444
Mold heating consumptionKw1.2-2.01.2-2.01.2-2.51.2-2.53.5
Air pressure consumptionM3/Min≧0.8≧0.8≧0.8≧0.8≧0.8
Cooling water consumptionM3/Min33333
Main Motor PowerKw1511.4222030
Total PowerKw20.515.5292745
Overall size (L X W X H)mm3050 X 1250 X 22003050 X 1250 X 22003750 x 1500 x 22303750 x 1500 x 22304150 x 1800 x 2350
Machine weightkgs35003300650063008500