Single Station Blow Molding Machine 10ml-10L

  • Product: Single Station Blow Molding Machine 10ml-10L
  • Model: GS-2L-I, GS-5L-I, GS-10L-I, GS-16L-I
  • Shipment Port: Shanghai, China
  • Delivery time: 1 month
  • Payment Type: T/T or L/C
  • Certificates: CE
  • Export Markets: Worldwide

Single-station blowing machines include four series of GS-2L-I, GS-5L-I, GS-10L-I, and GS-16L-I. Machine is suitable for production of high quality container with medium output. It specializes in the manufacture of PE\PP containers of up to 16L, with from one to six fold die head, for use in the packaging of petroleum, cosmetics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals,food, toys and auto-parts.

Max.container capacityL251216
Number of dieset1、2、3、41、2、3、41、2、3、41、2、3、4
Machine Dimensionm2.5×1.6×2.42.9×1.85×2.654.2×2.95×34.8×3.2×3.1
Total weightton4578
Accumulator head GS-2L-IGS-5L-IGS-12L-IGS-16L-I
Number of die heatingzone3334
Power of die heatingKW4.25.86-76-7
Max die-pin diametermm6080140140
Center distance of twin-diemm130160240260
Center distance of tri-diemm85110160180
Center distance of four-diemm6585120130
Clamping Unit GS-2L-IGS-5L-IGS-12L-IGS-16L-I
Clamping forceKN3870110155
platen opening strokemm158-410209-510209-620219-600
platen sizemm290×320350×380460×500500×490
Max mould sizemm320×320400×380560×500600×500
Mould thicknessmm160-240210-300220-380210-380
Extruder UnitGS-2L-IGS-5L-IGS-12L-IGS-16L-I
Screw diametermm50607075
Screw L/D ratioL/D24:124:124:125:1
Extruding VolumeKg/hr30-5060-80100-120100-130
Number of heating zonezone3334
Extruder heating powerKW3-4.45-6.66-8.27.3-8.6
Extruder driving powerKW11-1515-18.522-3022-30
Oil pump drive powerKW5.57.51111
Fan power for screwKW0.
Total powerKW22324152
Air pressureMpa0.
Air consumptionm³/min0.
Average energy consumptionKW12182224

1. The maximum blow volume 12L, PE, PP, EVA , TPU, etc. can be used.
2. Taiwan DELTA servo system, could save energy consumption 20% for option
3. Different screws and die mandrels, channel styles will be designed based on the specifics of different plastics;
4, It is convenience to refueling, change color, purge, disassembly and cleaning with those die head. Symmetry part of the wall thickness is very uniform;
5, Double proportional valve control oil flow and pressure, directional valve control flow way, deceleration valve brakes, achieve smooth and fast action;
6, Clamping mold is achieved with scissor toggle mechanism, mold carriage is with high-precision ball linear guide, every part of template bears the similar clamping force,
7, Extruder platform can be lifted, easy to adjust the parison length
8, Design is based at CE safety standard, concerning about user safety;
9, Inverter is from Taiwan DELTA, adjust the screw speed, saving energy ;
10, automatic lubrication system, automatic alarm function, more concerned about the user;
11, Equipped with high temperature alarm function.

1. Toggle-balanced clamping frame, with well-known liner guide rail from Taiwan; great clamping force and explosion-proof;
2. Can be achieved 16 blow pins at the same time perpendicular to the mold pin blow hole; patented die head, easy for changing color.
3. Computer intelligent control system, operation, set and modify the production process conveniently
4. Deep mirror treatment is used inside the die head, curve flow channels are smooth, no dead ends, no carbon left;
5. Strengthened and hardened cold treated screws, screw and barrel are with wear resistance; parts of tube wall thickness are very uniform
6. Various components are produced with Japan’s CNC machine tools, use Mazak to process six-sided installation surfaces at the same time. Imported well-known brands Hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical parts are equipped to ensure that the rigorous process, stable and reliable quality.