Double Station Blow Molding Machine 10ml-10L

Product: Double Station Blow Molding Machine 10ml-10L
Model: GS-2L-II, GS-5L-II, GS-10L-II, GS-16L-II
Shipment Port: Shanghai, China
Delivery time: 1 month
Payment Type: T/T or L/C
Certificates: CE
Export Markets: Worldwide

Product introduction

The 2L-16L double station blow molding machine is different from the single station machine in that it has one additional station with high-precision linear guide, covering four major series ofGS-2L-II, GS-5L-II, GS-10L-II, GS-16L-II. The same as the single station machines, it can be used to produce a wide variety of materials, such as PE, PP, max 10L, and production capacity is 60 to 70% more than the single station machine. In accordance with different type of products, die heads can be changed to achieve multi-type production.

Max.container capacityL251016
Number of dieset1、2、3、41、2、3、41、2、3、4、61、2、3、4、6
Output(dry Cycle)pcs/hr950*2750*2700*2600*2
Machine Dimensionm2.9×2.1×2.63.6×2.3×2.64.1×2.5×34.5×2.7×3.1
Total weightton46.59.511
Die headGS-2L-IIGS-5L-IIGS-10L-IIGS-16L-II
Number of die heatingzone3334
Power of die heatingKW4.25.86-76-7
Max die-pin diametermm6080140140
Center distance of twin-diemm130160240260
Center distance of tri-diemm85110160180
Center distance of four-diemm6585120130
Center distance of six-diemm8590
Clamping UnitGS-2L-IIGS-5L-IIGS-10L-IIGS-16L-II
Clamping forceKN3870110155
platen opening strokemm120-390135-530220-610220-620
platen sizemm290×330330×400460×500520×480
Max mould sizemm310×330350×400520×500600×480
Mould thicknessmm120-220140-300235-380235-380
Extruder UnitGS-2L-IIGS-5L-IIGS-10L-IIGS-16L-II
Screw diametermm60709090
Screw L/D ratioL/D24:124:125:125:1
Extruding VolumeKg/hr60-80100-120130-160130-160
Number of heating zonezone3344
Extruder heating powerKW5-6.66-8.28.2-9.38.2-9.3
Extruder driving powerKW15-18.522-3737-4537-45